• Because of Indee, we created a community.

    by Jane Allen, Indee Rose Trust In 2009 we sadly lost our beautiful daughter, Indee Rose, after a short illness diagnosed with a DIPG type brain tumour. At only 3 years of age, Indee showed us positivity, strength and her biggest gift was to show us how to stay happy and laugh her way throughout …

    calendarDecember 30 2019

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  • Hospital Play Workers, more than just a bit of fun!

    by David Bara You might call them play workers, they are the people who you’ll find doing fun things in the hospital play rooms or who come and visit you by your hospital bed with armfuls of stickers, but did you know their proper title is likely to be Health Play Specialists (in the UK) …

    calendarDecember 21 2019

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  • Making changes as a parent by Keighley Miles

    Recently I found out that our local hospital has a CHSWG group (Children hearing services working together) and after attending some working in partnership training with National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) I decided to volunteer to become a parent representative. This means at the meeting I can put the parents’ views across and make the …

    calendarDecember 18 2019

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  • Choosing a school for your SEN child by Kate O’Riordan

    Finding the right school place for your child is one of the most important, stressful and challenging decisions you will ever have to make, whether your child has needs or not.  I have three children all at different schools, and I work in a fourth, that is a lot of INSET days to juggle!  The …

    calendarDecember 14 2019

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  • From Cancer to SEND – a bumpy journey of acceptance.

    It can be hard to transition from being a cancer family to a special educational needs and disability family. This is one family's story.

    calendarNovember 30 2019

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  • Social Situations – teach your child how you want them to react.

    by Paul Rose of YouTeachMeToo There comes a time when you have to decide: accept the status quo or take positive action. For 12 years I worked in UK schools, including a few years as a headteacher. Despite running a ‘successful’ school, I decided I could no longer watch young people being failed. So I …

    calendarNovember 27 2019

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  • Visiting the doctor or hospital shouldn’t be that difficult – a few simple changes can make all the difference

     By David Bara MEd PGCE BA(HONS) and UN SDG 3 champion. A visit to the doctor or hospital can be challenging if you are relatively healthy but if you are taking a child or adult with additional needs, have access issues yourself, need to juggle multiple appointments or to plan your transport, etc. it can …

    calendarNovember 24 2019

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  • Celebrating autism and neurodiversity!

    For us, there’s so much to celebrate and so much happiness that comes from being around autism and neurodiversity. Richard Nurse, founder of the digital visual timeline app, picturepath, recently asked through Quora ‘why it’s so hard to find the positives in autism?’ Here are some of the great answers he received… “I think it …

    calendarNovember 21 2019

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  • What I wish I’d know when I was teaching by David Bara

    When I was a special needs teacher, I thought I knew lots. I was enthusiastic, I went on courses, listened, talked and did a master’s degree in Education. Along the way I had two children (well I didn’t, my wife Emma did). At school, I tried to advise and support the parents of kids with …

    calendarNovember 14 2019

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  • I am my mum’s carer by Alfie, aged 6.

    My name is Alfie and I am 6 years old. When God made my Mummy he forgot to give her one of the bones in her back and taught the soldiers in her body to fight the good things in her body instead of the bad things in her body. This means that she is …

    calendarNovember 9 2019

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