Alfie’s Lockdown

Alfie’s Lockdown

calendarJuly 14 2020

7 year old Alfie is his mum’s primary carer. Here he talks about the impact that Covid-19 and the Lockdown has had on him and how he feels about it.

I am Alfie and I am 7

I first learnt about the corona virus when mummy picked me up at 2pm from school on Tuesday 16th March. I was excited to leave school early and thought we were going on an adventure. But Mummy said some children had gone home from school poorly and might have a bug that is dangerous. I came home and was allowed to play on my x box.

A headshot of 7 year old Alfie. He is looking at something behind the camera.
Alfie, Aged 7.

The next day I didn’t go to school. Mummy said it was to keep me safe because I could get the bug and pass it on to her and that would be really dangerous because of her poorly insides. So mummy and I did some colouring and played games  it was like it was a Saturday but it was actually a Wednesday!

Learning about Covid-19

I watched some special news on the bug with mummy at 5 o clock and Mr Johnson said schools would close on Friday – that meant all my friends wouldn’t go to school either! It is called Lockdown. I thought it would be like the summer holidays but mummy said no, she has to stay in for 12 weeks to keep safe and i have to do schoolwork at home and I can’t go trampolining, swimming or any of my clubs and fun days out.

On my first day of homeschool, I was allowed to get out paint and I painted 2 rainbows for the windows. I learnt how to mix colours.

I thought homeschool would be fun, and it was at the beginning, but now I am bored of it. I want to use the school laptops and play in the playground. I want to see my friends and my teachers.

My school did do a toilet roll video and we sent videos and they were all put together and I was able to see my friends and some of my teachers. I have watched it 100 times now! I also made a video for youtube about Harry Potter. I loved that because I want to be a youtuber.

I get scared at night

I am scared to sleep in my room incase my mummy gets the bug at night times, so I keep sleeping in her room. Sometimes I cry going to sleep because I am scared.

My mum and some friends had an idea that we could do a videocall and play roblox at the same time! This was great because i actually get to see Jude, Rupert, Oliver and Jhensen and talk to them and play together. But it is annoying because my phone stopped working and my tablet keeps kicking me off the games!

Every Sunday we do a family videocall and do a quiz. It happens at 6pm. I like these because we sometimes get to do a kid scavenger hunt and i get to get points for our team!

On a Friday we all watch The Show Must Go On on YouTube. I loved watching The Phantom Of The Opera! I want to watch it again but without mummy singing along!

Missing my family

In Lockdown we have had Nanny Debs 60th birthday, Nanny and Grandad’s 40th wedding anniversary, Grandads birthday, Auntie Zoes birthday, Auntie Kaytee’s birthday and my cousin Jamie’s 16th birthday.

We were meant to have loads of surprise parties but we weren’t allowed to do any of them! This makes me cross and sad. Auntie Kaytee is growing Bambino inside her and we have to wait until August for them to be born. But i want to feel Bambino move and kick because i see it on the videochat but i want to feel it!

Lockdown makes me sad

I really want the world to go back to normal! I was meant to go on holiday and that has been cancelled as well. I don’t want to wear a mask when i go out, even though the one I have is nice and comfortable.

Lockdown makes me sad, I have cried a lot because i miss my friends and school. I get cross because I am scared of the corona virus. I am scared because a lot of people have died from it and I don’t want my family to die. My Nanny Peg and my grandad are old so I am scared that they could die from it.

When lockdown finishes

When the lockdown is finished, I cannot wait to give everyone a really big hug! I think i will probably cry because i will be so happy. I am going to go to canvey and go to the amusements, swim in the sea at Walton, go bowling and roller skating, have a family barbecue and invite my friends over to play.

About Alfie, young carer.

My name is Alfie and I live with Mummy. I told Mummy what to write and she wrote it down for me.

My favourite things are Bakugan toys, Mario and Pokemon. I like to learn about the church and I go to football and cricket club and trampolining and swimming lessons. When I am grown up, I want to be a doctor or a Pokemon trainer.

I look after my Mummy because when God made her, he forgot to give her one of the bones in her back. And the soldiers in her body fight the good things in her body instead of the bad things in her body.

Image of a 6 year old boy doing a star  jump on a sandy beach.

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