I am my mum’s carer by Alfie, aged 6.

calendarNovember 9 2019

Alfie, aged 6, talks about his role as a young carer, looking after his mummy.

My name is Alfie

A 6 year old Alfie does a star jump on a beach.

My name is Alfie and I am 6 years old. When God made my Mummy he forgot to give her one of the bones in her back and taught the soldiers in her body to fight the good things in her body instead of the bad things in her body. This means that she is poorly a lot of the time and has to take lots and lots of medicine. Sometimes she has to use sticks to help her walk. She has special purple ones. My friends ask me why she has to use them and I tell them because my mummy is poorly and they help her walk.

Young Carer; Man of the House.

I used to have a daddy, but he was a mean daddy to me and mummy so now it is just me and my mummy and I am the man of the house. I do lots of little jobs to help mummy that my friends don’t have to do, but I like doing it because it helps my mummy be proud of me.

One job I do is take the binbags out to the big black bins. Sometimes they are heavy but I have muscles so I can carry them. I also put clothes in the washing machine and then put them in the tumble dryer. This is an easy job because I just have to push the start buttons. When we came home from our holiday I had to do this 3 times in one day so mummy gave me extra pocket money.

Mummy isn’t strong enough to push the hoover so I do that as well. This is a funny job because my kitten keeps trying to chase the hoover and it makes loads of noise.

Mummy ‘dances’ in her sleep

I have my own bedroom but sometimes I hear my mummy doing dancing in her sleep and it wakes me up. My mummy says this is called a silly sausage fit. When she has finished dancing I wake her up and give her a drink and then stay in her bed until morning to make sure she is safe. Sometimes this makes me tired at school but Mummy tells my teachers and they help me or let me stay indoors at lunch and snack time.

I was able to show off at school when we were learning 999. I am a young carer and I already knew what to do. If I can’t wake mummy up or she is really sick I have to use her phone and do 999 and ask for the ambulance and tell them where we live. I hope I don’t have to do this because my mummy is my bestest friend and I don’t want her to leave me.

If doctors could make my mummy have no pain and fixed her I would really really love it, but that is never going to happen. But even though I do lots of things other children don’t do, I would never stop doing it, because I am the man of the house and my mummy and I are a perfect team. I love my mummy infinity times, which is the most love you can ever do.

About Alfie, young carer.

My name is Alfie and I live with Mummy. I told Mummy what to write and she wrote it down for me.

My favourite things are Bakugan toys, Mario and Pokemon. I like to learn about the church and I go to football and cricket club and trampolining and swimming lessons. When I am grown up, I want to be a doctor or a Pokemon trainer. At school I like to use the computers and play kiss chase. My favourite people in the world are my Mummy, my Grandad and the 2 girls I am going to marry. I have a kitten called Cookie and I’m getting another kitten soon.

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