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    What is inclusion?

    Crystal Hart talks about inclusion and asks if our current understanding of inclusion and our practices are really inclusive.

    calendarAugust 6 2020

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    Surviving and Thriving in ASD class teaching

    Niall Drea spoke to teachers who have made the move from mainstream primary to autism class teaching in recent years. He discovered how a shift in mindset can help you and your students to thrive.

    calendarJuly 28 2020

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  • Teaching your SEN child at home – Going For a Walk, Part 1

    There are learning opportunities in everything we do. Here we show you how your daily activities can help you teach your child. Going for a walk can be fun and there are so many ways and chances to learn, but before you even go out there is so much learning you can do.

    calendarJuly 6 2020

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  • Is Less More in Special Education?

    Josh Nash discusses why having the RIGHT information to work with SEN children is more important than having ALL the information.

    calendarJune 22 2020

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  • Reflective Practice: Working with Autistic Children

    Robert Corish talks about how he changed the way he viewed children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and became a better teacher for it.

    calendarJune 14 2020

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  • Inclusion is child’s play!

    Emma Bara discusses how to make inclusive thinking and planning second nature. She discusses how inclusion and adaptation is natural for children and how much we can learn from them.

    calendarJune 7 2020

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  • Learning through Pet Care

    Teaching our Special Needs kids at home can be tough and often requires an imaginative approach. Here we show you how to make everyday activities, such as caring for your pet, into valuable learning opportunities.

    calendarJune 3 2020

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    Sensory Theatre, Online!

    Head2Head Sensory Theatre is theatre made to be accessible for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Covid-19 restrictions have meant they have had to stop touring. Sara, Head2Head's artistic director, explains how that has just made them more creative!

    calendarMay 31 2020

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  • Learning and Laundry Part 2

    Did you know you could turn hanging up the washing into a learning oppportunity? Here we share some ideas on how to learn AND get some help in the process.

    calendarMay 8 2020

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  • Learning and Laundry!!

    Who knew you could learn as you do laundry? Mundane jobs around the house are also opportunities for learning. Pick up some quick ideas and tips here.

    calendarMay 6 2020

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