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    Keanu’s Clubfoot

    Stacey Smiler explains what clubfoot (talipes) is. She describes her reaction to finding out her son's diagnosis and Keanu's subsequent treatment.

    calendarJuly 20 2020

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    Sport for Confidence – socially distanced.

    Occupational Therapist, Sophie Garratt, talks about Sport for Confidence. Sport for Confidence is an award winning Community Interest Company delivering sport for all. They had to quickly adapt from their work in leisure centres to support their clients at home.

    calendarJuly 2 2020

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  • Keanu’s Story – a story of Juvenile Epilepsy.

    Stacey Smiley talks about her son, Keanu's, journey with epilepsy from the age of 1 to now, 5 years later. She talks about his diagnosis, what impact it had on Keanu and about discovering the epilepsy was caused by a CHD2 gene mutation. Stacey also gives some useful tips on how to interract with people with hidden disabilities.

    calendarMay 17 2020

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  • Supercharged Superhero

    A story about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and hidden illness. Gemma Everson talks about her husband’s diagnosis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; how it impacted on her family and led her to write a children’s book. Our story began in July 2017. We had just welcomed our second daughter, Gracie, into our family and life was seemingly perfect. I …

    calendarApril 9 2020

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    Mitrofanoff – what??

    By Aimee King I have just had yet another exhausting conversation with a medical professional who knows nothing about my mitrofanoff, telling me all about it. Now I understand that not many health care workers will know about my condition, but why not? something like a simple UTI which, trust me, I know a lot …

    calendarMarch 17 2020

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  • Rodney, the hare that didn’t care (but he did really)

    Gail Crampton talks about her book, Rodney the hare that didn’t care (but he did really). She explains why she wrote it to help children with hidden illnesses and medical conditions, and how important it is. It started with Crohns Rodney Meadow-Hopper, The Hare Who Didn’t Care (but he did really), was released at the …

    calendarMarch 4 2020

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  • Moles Can’t Play Hide and Seek

    Astrid Middleton describes her journey with the genetic eye condition retinitis pigmentosa. She also describes her and her son's attitudes to their neurodiversity and how they own it. This is what prompted her to write children's stories about being included and she shares one with us here.

    calendarMarch 2 2020

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  • Crohn’s Disease, diagnosing my daughter.

    by Gail Crampton Gail Crampton talks about the journey to diagnose her daughter with Crohn’s disease and why it has led her to campaign and write a book to help others. Crohn’s – it started with stomach pains When my daughter, Isabelle, was 6 she began having severe stomach pains, nausea and no appetite. It …

    calendarFebruary 16 2020

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  • Tube feeding, my experience by Sam

    14 year old Sam shares his experience of tube feeding and how it has impacted on his life. Tube feeding – first an NG tube I was 7 yrs old when I had my first feeding tube, this was because my body couldn’t absorb all of the essential nutrients that I needed in my diet, …

    calendarFebruary 12 2020

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  • Diagnosing Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

    Hi, my name is Caroline Bailey and I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare and difficult disease to spot . I and 48 years old and have been married for 25 years. My 3 children are Samuel age 24, Robyn age 20 and Darcey age 15. I also have a stepdaughter age 37 and 2 step …

    calendarFebruary 6 2020

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