• Teaching SEN kids at home – English and Waking Up!

    Teaching can be challenging Teaching SEN kids at home is challenging at the best of times. We’ll be posting here regularly with ideas on teaching SEN kids at home. This post gives you some ideas on how to turn waking up into an easy English lesson. The Covid-19 crisis has sent us all home and …

    calendarApril 1 2020

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  • Teaching SEN kids at home

    Kids with Special Educational Needs (SEN) often require extra attention and can’t learn independently. During this Covid 19 crisis, we suddenly need to become teachers as well as parents! It can be tough teaching at home, but teaching SEN kids at home can be especially challenging. ‘But we’ve always been teachers!‘ I hear you cry. …

    calendarMarch 28 2020

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  • Map Covid-19 Help with has introduced a new Covid-19 Help icon that can be used to show local businesses, charities and other organisations that are able to provide help to vulnerable people in your local area. Read below for more information….. A global crisis The world is in the midst of a truly global crisis and it is …

    calendarMarch 25 2020

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