• Making World Book Day Inclusive

    by Emma Bara Recently, I attended a meeting at my daughter’s school, which has a special unit for hearing impaired children. On the agenda was World Book Day and how it could be made more engaging than just having kids dress up in any old costume, which usually leads to a silly number of princesses …

    calendarFebruary 20 2020

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  • Inclusion Starts with a Smile

    by Autism Dad, Adam Murphy  I’m a 47 year old father of 3 boys. My eldest son has autistic spectrum disorder and learning disabilities. Autism is a word that everyone knows but very few people understand, even those that do understand can only understand their experience and how it directly effects them or their family. …

    calendarJanuary 28 2020

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  • Helping your kids with social situations

    By Paul Rose, YouTeachMeToo. Have you ever found yourself in social situations that you were not sure how to handle? How did it make you feel? Awkward? Embarrassed? Confused? Angry? Frustrated? It can be hard to understand what other people really mean and expect from you, and it can be just as hard to get …

    calendarJanuary 11 2020

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  • Reflections on the rewards of supporting refugee children and families

    by Lynne Awbery, teacher of the deaf. A lawyer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a mother from Sudan, a teacher from former Yugoslavia, an architect from Somalia, a doctor from Eritrea, a teenager from Rwanda, a carpenter from Afghanistan, a trafficked mother from Ghana, a housewife, widow and mother from Sri Lanka….. and …

    calendarJanuary 8 2020

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  • Making changes as a parent by Keighley Miles

    Recently I found out that our local hospital has a CHSWG group (Children hearing services working together) and after attending some working in partnership training with National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) I decided to volunteer to become a parent representative. This means at the meeting I can put the parents’ views across and make the …

    calendarDecember 18 2019

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