Educational YouTube resources while your kids are at home

calendarMarch 26 2020

With most children at home during this Covid-19 crisis, finding learning resources AND getting your kids to sit down to learn can be challenging. So we thought a list of educational YouTube channels that children and young adults will not only support their learning but also entertain them, would be useful.

We are adding to this daily and would really value your help in making this the most comprehensive list. Please leave a comment at the bottom to add to the list. We recognise that there is advertising on the channels, so if you are unsure if the channel is okay for your children we recommend you check them out first.

Educational YouTube Channels

Learning – General The Infographics Show Khan Academy Ted talks King of Random
Resources for special needs Chatterpack SenResourceBlog
Science/Engineering Mark Rober Colin Furze Adam Savage
Animals Snake Discovery
Art Andymation
Music Amosdoll Music MIDITUBE Myleene’s Music Klass
PE/exercise The Body Coach TV
History – General Sabaton History Military History Visualized Military Aviation History Zenos Warbirds The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered
History World War 1 to World War 2 The Great War TimeGhost History World War Two
Military Vehicles The Tank Museum

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  1. Hello, ChatterPack is a free, online hub for special educational needs and disabilities. We have created 3 lists of free online resources for people to use during this period.
    1 – speech and language, occupational therapy and SEND resources.
    2 – A list of Home learning resources/fun activities/information/advice and support for families
    3 – A boredom-busting list of free resources for adults – including virtual tours, arts and culture, literature, etc.

    You can find all 3 lists here: