Because of Indee, we created a community.

calendarDecember 30 2019

by Jane Allen, Indee Rose Trust

a picture of Indee Rose aged 3. She has blonde hair, a beautiful smile and is holding a doll.

In 2009 we sadly lost our beautiful daughter, Indee Rose, after a short illness diagnosed with a DIPG type brain tumour. At only 3 years of age, Indee showed us positivity, strength and her biggest gift was to show us how to stay happy and laugh her way throughout treatment. Indee inspired us to set up the Indee Rose Trust, a registered charity that create smiles and memories for children aged 1 to 17 who have been diagnosed with brain and spinal tumours. The Indee Rose Trust has been up and running for the past 10 years and over that time we have created the biggest smiles with our bespoke and unique treasure boxes, we have become able to offer children and their families a well-deserved break away at one of our two seaside holiday homes, and we can also offer one off support grants when extra help is needed during or after treatment.

Throughout the 10 years of being a registered charity we have had the privilege to hear from, and on occasion meet, over 1000 brave children who have been referred to us. Each child referred has received their amazing treasure boxes often called a box full of happiness.
The treasure boxes are hard work as we fill them with gifts chosen specially for each individual child, but they are a joy to create. We have been blessed by meeting the amazing people who have supported the charity throughout the years. Donations, fundraisers, and more. From our own Team Indee Men who have climbed mountains such as Kilimanjaro, to our Team Indee Girls who have walked from Indee’s Beach House in Kent back to Canvey. Thousands of pounds have been raised and we are always grateful.

Christmas tree surrounded by donated gifts
The Hoy & Helmet, Benfleet, collected presents for the kids at Xmas.

Indeed, we always say if it wasn’t for People Power we wouldn’t have a charity at all. There is too long a list to name everyone, but with the ongoing support we can continue to create the biggest smiles for a long time to come. Most recently, our friend Michelle who runs The Hoy and Helmet pub in Benfleet Essex put a request out for gifts to be collected to be used for our treasure boxes and there was a huge response – the van and cars were loaded up and it was amazing to see how generous people were.

I could write a book on all that the charity has done but it would take too long. To lose our precious daughter Indee at the age of nearly 4 is something that we will never understand or ever get use to. We miss her every second of each day but we know she is very much around helping us create all these magical smiles.

Running this small charity has given us so much and we can also see the benefit to other people. It not only brings smiles to children’s faces and much needed love to families but it has also created a community where people can contribute and can achieve something positive whether it is walking for sponsorship, organising events, dressing up as spiderman or just wrapping presents.  No matter what someone’s ability, energy level or how much time they are able to give, everything they DO give makes a difference and puts a smile on a child’s face, on their face and on our faces.

Indee Rose Trust logo

Jane Allen is the Founder of the Indee Rose Trust. Hers is a normal family who have felt the effects of a child brain tumour first hand, our daughter Indee Rose was diagnosed with a brain tumour at three years old. We know that it not only effects the child and the immediate family but everyone – extended family, friends and the local community.

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