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calendarMarch 25 2020 has introduced a new Covid-19 Help icon that can be used to show local businesses, charities and other organisations that are able to provide help to vulnerable people in your local area. Read below for more information…..

A blue circle containing a image 
 representing a virus.
Our new Covid-19 Help icon.
Visit to use the icon to tell us about helpful organisations near you

A global crisis

The world is in the midst of a truly global crisis and it is vital that we listen to our Governments’ advice and follow it. This will help to keep not only ourselves safe and well, but also protect our brave healthcare and emergency services personnel who are doing such an amazing job.

Our response

We also want to thank our community heroes, who are helping vulnerable people to access goods and services locally. If you know of a shop, charity or other business that is helping in your local area, please use the review area and our new Covid19-help icon to help others find them.

To leave a review:

1. Sign up to the site here:  (all you need is a username and an email address and we will never share your details with anyone else!)

2. You need to verify your new account by clicking the link we email to you. If you can’t see it, please check in your spam folder!   

3. Login and go to the review area here:

4. Leave a review, please tell us:

a. Venue – exactly where the organisation is

b. Description – What it is doing to help the local community and how to contact them.

c. Click on the Covid-19 Help icon

6. Don’t forget to submit your review!

a blue circle containing a representation of a virus.

Other resources on

Keeping ourselves healthy both mentally and physically is also essential, so we will also be posting links to online resources that will help keep you and the kids occupied and fit during the Covid-19 crisis. Check regularly in our Resources & Blogs area and visit our Forums to talk to other people and share experiences.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at  

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