My teachers  helped make me strong!

My teachers helped make me strong!

calendarJuly 2 2021

Positivity towards disability

Resika Paranitharan has cerebral palsy. Here she talks about how the positive attitude and support she received from her school and college have enabled her to be independent, brave and proud.

Introducing Resika

My name is Resika Paranitharan. I have Cerebral Palsy (CP), which affects my limbs partially, therefore I use a wheelchair to move around and perform my daily routines. I went to St Giles’ School for my schooling. It is a special needs school. I have studied up to college and currently I am doing a business law degree at a university.

As I have a physical disability, some people think my disability bring disadvantage, I am glad that I have a disability. It is because if I did not have a disability, I would have not cared about disabilities, accessibilities or inclusion but having a disability is the biggest advantage of my life.

Support in Education

As part of this blog, I am going to talk about the college where I studied. The college I studied was Nescot College in Epsom. In my opinion, I would say the college has appropriate accessibility system through the areas, and it never fails to accommodate students who wants to study there. Nescot has a diverse environment. Every Lecturer, Learning Support Assistant and other staff member plays a key role in ensuring every student is pursuing a qualification.

During my study at Nescot College, I have acknowledged that how being inclusive and disabled-friendly support everyone and the institution itself. This also prepared me to the real world, now I know what I expect from an organisation when it comes to accessibility. This college made me like their family members. This college has enhanced my knowledge in my studies and relevant skills and experience for the future.

College staff empowered me

The positive attributes of staff members at the college have empowered me to study well and enabled me to brave enough to speak up when required. I am grateful for studying in Nescot college because Lecturers and LSAs dedicate their time with students and ensure the support and accessibility needs are fulfilled. I feel lucky that I have been to Nescot because I was part of their team, felt the inclusion throughout my journey and staff members treated me as if I am their child, looking at my progression, initiating new ways for me to be more independent and supporting me with my application for higher education.

A disabled-friendly environment

The college is disabled-friendly environment because automatic doors are placed, signs are clear to navigate, if not, Secretary and receptionist are in the reception to guide you. Disabled toilet is in the reception, the reception is the person to ask for the key when needed. I had adjustable table accommodated in my classroom Nescot college provide a wide range of courses, part time and full time, further education, apprenticeships, University-level courses and free- distance learning.

I am brave thanks to them

My family and the staff members of the school and college taught me to be independent and embrace my way of doing things and getting things done. I am telling you, without these primary members in my life, I am nothing. The academic institutions I went to has built me who I am now: brave, risk taker, outspoken and fearless.

About Resika

I am currently studying Business Law at a University. My objective in life is to build an easier life for people who have emotional, social, and physical needs and where we are included.

Image shows Resika from behind, sitting in her wheelchair. There is a light dusting of snow in her long dark hair.

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