Social Situations – teach your child how you want them to react.

calendarNovember 27 2019

by Paul Rose of YouTeachMeToo

There comes a time when you have to decide: accept the status quo or take positive action.

For 12 years I worked in UK schools, including a few years as a headteacher. Despite running a ‘successful’ school, I decided I could no longer watch young people being failed. So I acted positively; I quit, to start a revolution.

That revolution is called and it has two goals:

1. Help parents and carers to help their child learn the important things in life

2. ‘Nudge’ the education system to make it fully inclusive and meet the needs of every child.

The thinking behind this revolution is simple – offer parents and carers, for a few pounds per week, access to resources that help their child understand everyday life and their school work. Then use that money to employ teachers, giving them to schools for free and sharing the resulting work, between the schools and with the parents.

This simple idea means that a small group of parents, supporting their children with our resources, can kickstart change across the whole of education. We are starting with those young people most failed by the current system – those with SEND.

Here’s how it works:

A year ago I employed an experienced teacher called David and offered his services to special schools for free. Every week since then David has worked in two of the UK’s leading special schools (MLD/SLD and PMLD). He supports their staff to create, use and share teaching videos.

So far, David has worked with more than 25 teachers, helping them to create many hundreds of videos that they’ve used in lessons to teach a wide range of subjects – music, cooking, maths, computer coding, writing, Design and Technology, Physical Education and so on.

David has also helped the schools to produce videos supporting professional development – how to introduce, implement and assess PECs with autistic children, how to correctly deliver body signing for quadriplegic children and more.

Every video has been made available to every member of staff in both schools, along with staff who work in a range of mainstream schools too. Digitally sharing specialist knowledge with mainstream schools in this way is the beginnings of making the system inclusive.

The most exciting development of the last year though, has been the emergence of a new way of teaching the really important stuff – how to understand and manage everyday life.

At the request of the special schools, David and I have been making videos that pose simple questions about everyday situations – the stuff that we hope every child will learn as they grow; how to manage interactions with strangers, how to travel safely on public transport, how to go shopping and so on.

These videos are designed to be viewed and then discussed, helping the adult to guide the learner’s understanding in the safety of the classroom. It has been a revelation. The teachers tell us that they’ve never seen such positive impact on confidence and understanding.

But what about children not attending these schools?

That’s where comes in. YouTeachMeToo gives every parent worldwide, the opportunity to connect with these UK schools and use the resources that we’ve made to support their child too.  

You are the most important teacher your child will ever have. You know your child best and you know what they need to learn. Our resources will help you to help them learn it and improve all your lives in the process.

For the cost of a cup of coffee a week you can access the resources on Families willing to do so will give us the resources we need to drive this revolution and employ more teachers like David. These new teachers will work with deaf, mainstream and special schools to create ever more resources and making it more likely that new parents will join us and drive greater change.

As is always the case with revolutions, success is dependent upon popular support, so please hear this battle cry; I’m looking for a thousand parents and carers who are prepared to join our revolution and trigger seismic change for everyone!

If you are willing to take action (and forgo that extra cup of coffee each week), please take a look at There’s a completely free 3-day trial; if you like what you see, use the discount code WeCanAccess10 and claim a 10% discount for the life of your subscription.

If you know of other parents who are willing to take positive action, please tell them about us.

It’s time for positive change; together we can be the difference for all our children.

Paul Rose is a former headteacher who loves learning and hates education with equal ferocity.  As a child he was ‘spirited’ and this theme continued into his teacher career, which he fell into by accident. He somehow became a headteacher, turning round a failing school with a relentless focus on putting the needs of children before adults. His work in developing YouTeachMeToo is the first time in his life he has ever actually made the decision for himself to do something constructive. He’d love you to connect with him at and follow him @YouTeachPaul. 

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