Teaching Special Needs Kids at Home: Maths and Breakfast

calendarApril 9 2020

Teaching Special Needs kids at home can feel overwhelming sometimes, especially now, when our lives have changed overnight thanks to Covid-19.

However, the Covid-19 crisis has given us an opportunity to teach our children practical skills linked to the curriculum.

This post gives you some ideas on how to turn breakfast time into a simple Maths lesson whilst teaching your special needs kids life skills too!

Maths and Breakfast

You are teaching your special needs kids at home all the time whether you realise it or not. Because of this, it is easy to start teaching Language, Maths or Science as part of your daily routine.

The ideas below should give you some ideas on conversations and things to look at while you and your child are getting ready for the day.

an image of a dessert spoon with 2 cornflakes on it.
Can you pick up 3 flakes with your spoon?

Just do a little at a time

When Teaching Special Needs kids at home, try just one idea at a time to keep things interesting. If you try to do everything in one go will just stress you out and your child will protest! Once you get started you will start to see opportunities for learning in everything you do!

Maths and Breakfast

Daily ActivityTopicsLearning ideas

Sitting at the tableTelling the time Ask the children what time they start to eat their breakfast and what time they finish

Sitting at the tableMeasuring Time (and behaviour)Get the children to time how the long they spent eating with stop watch, egg timers or by looking at the clock

Extend the time they sit at the table by looking how long they had spent at the table the day before.
Serving foodWeights and measuresKids can weigh their food for portion size
or pour the right amount into a measuring jug

Serving foodFinding numbers Search for numbers on the food packets/ milk cartons

Serving foodFractionsCan you fill the bowl to halfway?
Do you think that is half full or a third full?
EatingCountingCount the number of cornflakes on your spoon.
Can you pick up 3,4,5,etc.. flakes/ hoops/ rice pops with your spoon?
Can you cut your toast into 2 pieces?

EatingFractionsCan you cut your toast into halves?
Can you cut your toast into quarters?
Or/ Have I cut your toast into thirds or halves?

Tidying upShapeswhilst clearing the table ask can you find a circle (e.g.plate), a cylinder ( or a rectangle (e.g. a cereal packet).

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at fitting Maths, English and Science into daily activities to help you with teaching your special needs kids at home, so do keep checking back with us. If you need any help you can get in touch with us here:

Please leave a comment below! Tell us how you got on or what ideas you have for teaching Special Needs kids at home!

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