Teaching Special Needs Kids at Home – Science & Waking Up!

calendarApril 4 2020

I feel overwhelmed!

Teaching Special Needs kids at home can feel overwhelming sometimes, especially now, when our lives have changed overnight thanks to Covid-19.

This post gives you some simple ideas on how to turn waking up into an easy Science lesson.

You can do this!

The Covid-19 crisis has sent us all home and we are suddenly being expected to be parent, teacher and, often, employee all the same time. It is difficult for anyone but if your child can’t or won’t work by themselves it is even harder.

It is easy to feel that you are failing but you are NOT failing and you are NOT alone. You CAN fit learning into your daily lives and you don’t have to have a lot of fancy resources or be sitting at a table or desk to do it!

Science and Waking Up!

Teaching special needs kids at home sometimes requires a little creativity but the ideas we have given you here allow you to teach while doing your every day activities like washing and getting dressed.

The ideas below should give you some ideas on conversations and things to look at while you and your child are getting ready for the day.

An image of a fluffy black and orange cat. The cat is looking at the camera.
Talk about where animals sleep and
how they keep warm!

Just do a little at a time

Try just one idea at a time to keep things interesting. Trying to do everything in one go will just stress you out and your child will protest! Once you get started you will start to see opportunities for learning in everything you do!

Daily ActivityScience TopicLearning ideas

Waking upNight and DayIt’s morning! How do we know it is morning? (Because the sun is up, it is light not dark) Extension: talk about the earth turning.

HabitatsWhat makes your bed comfy for you?
Where do animals like to sleep?

Your bodyWhy do you need to sleep?
Talk about your body using sleep to grow and repair itself.
Talk about your mind needing time to rest and work out problems.

WashingYour body Why do we have to clean our teeth?
Talk about bacteria and plaque.
Why do we have to clean our bodies?
Talk about dirt and being smelly.

Changes of stateTalk about water, look at the steam on the mirror
Water is liquid, which changes to steam when it is hot. .

Getting dressedMaterialsWhat are your clothes made from?
Are they soft? Waterproof? Woolly? Lightweight?
Why have you chosen clothes from those materials? To keep warm? To keep cool? Because it’s comfy?

AnimalsTalk about how animals keep warm.
Talk about how animals keep cool.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at fitting Maths, English and Science into daily activities so do keep checking back with us. If you need any help you can get in touch with us here:

Please leave a comment below! Tell us how you got on or what ideas you have for teaching Special Needs kids at home!

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